Phase 1 – Initial Oral Tolerance (0 – 3 months)

During this phase, your body adjusts to treatment and symptoms improve.

Phase 2 Symptom Relief (3 months – 2 years)

As symptoms decrease, your body takes steps toward changing your allergen tolerance. You might feel tempted to stop your treatment because you feel better but don’t. By continuing treatment, your body learns long-term tolerance.

Phase 3 – Long-Term Tolerance (2 – 5 years)

As symptoms continue to improve, your body increases its allergy tolerance. This long-term learning is need for you to stay symptom-free long after treatment is done.

Depending upon severity of your allergies, our physicians and clinical nurses will monitor, adjust and retest to determine the final length of treatment which varies between patients.

Tips For Success

  • Be Persistent: Immunotherapy works best when patients adhere to a treatment schedule.
  • Be Committed: If the treatment process seems daunting, just remind yourself immunotherapy offers long lasting, life-changing results.
  • Be Patient: Your body is unique and will react to treatment on its own schedule.
  • Be Involved: Notify us if you have any reactions.


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