Shots vs. Drops

Both drops and shots have been proven effective and safe. The big difference between the two is time and commitment. Whether you choose shots or drops, your allergy specialist will be closely monitoring your condition. If you can free up time in your schedule to visit the clinic each week you may decide that injections (also known as SCIT Subcutaneous Immunotherapy) are right for you. The injections are administered in our office and appointments usually take about 30 minutes. Additionally, many insurance companies cover the cost associated with injections.

Drops (also known as SLIT Sublingual Immunotherapy) could appeal to patients who can’t commit to frequent clinic visits. Instead of shots, you’ll receive a vial of specially formulated drops to be taken orally three times a day. SLIT works similar to allergy shots by gradually helping your body build tolerances to the substance(s) that cause your allergies. SLIT is a vial that is consisted of each of the allergens you tested positive for during testing. The difference is that the antigen is placed under your tongue in a liquid form. And drops are not covered by insurance plans but may be covered by your Health Spending Account (HSA).

The area under the tongue has the highest concentration of antigen/allergen presenting cells found in the body. By delivering daily allergy drops consistently to this cell, the body begins to tolerate things that cause allergic reactions.

What To Expect From SLIT SubLingual Immunotherapy Treatment

Each patient and treatment plan is unique, but many patients report an improvement in allergy symptoms in as little as three to six months. Continuing treatment is necessary to help you stay symptom-free. As your immune system develops a tolerance for allergens, you will no longer experience the uncomfortable side effects of allergy symptoms. Best of all, studies have determined that immunotherapy may strengthen the immune system. Studies also show immunotherapy may prevent the onset of other allergies, the development of asthma and other poor health conditions following treatment. You may experience side effects from either treatment including itching, redness, and swelling at the injection site, but these are generally minor, and serious reactions are rare.

More About The Benefits Of Allergy Drops

Many people with mild to severe allergies look to sublingual immunotherapy, or allergy drops, when avoidance and medications don’t work or become too bothersome. Allergy drops have been around the world for more than 100 years with many studies showing that allergy drops are safe and effective. In addition to being able to treat patients of all ages safely and effectively, there are other advantages to customers allergy drops including:

  • therapy treats the cause, not just the temporary symptoms
  • affordable and convenient
  • less medication
  • better quality of life


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