By exposing your body to small doses of things you are allergic to, your immune system will gradually develop a resistance to their harmful effects. Unlike other treatment options immunotherapy targets the cause of the underlying condition rather than treating the symptoms thus reducing the effects of your allergies and improving your overall health.

This is the only disease altering course of action

Think of your immune system as a team of bodyguards dedicated to guarding your health. They do a great job repelling common riffraff like germs and bacteria, but sometimes a harmless substance sets off a false alarm and convinces them to go on the attack, which results in itching, inflammation, and a host of other symptoms. This is an allergic reaction.

Immunotherapy trains the body to reduce these false alarms. By exposing your immune system to increasingly stronger doses of things which you are allergic to, your team of tiny bodyguards will gradually learn the difference between flower pollen and an actual health hazard.

The effects of immunotherapy can last 5-10 years or longer after treatment, allowing you to enjoy daily activities outdoors or enjoy the company of pets without watery eyes or a scratchy throat affecting your quality of life.

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